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Info about BTETEEdit

BTETE is a camp made by summerstriker9 サマーストライカー9, which currently has 39 contestants. Only 24 are left and are currently in Merge. There are many tokens in this camp as well, to make this camp different. In Every A episode, someone will be eliminated and you will do the challenge in the comments. Every B episode is the results of the challenge, rewards of tokens, and gaining points. The 4 contestants with scores are UFE. If there is a debut/rejoin challenge there could be a C episode. In this website, it will talk about the contestants, more contestants coming to this website soon!

Latest ActivityEdit

  • new page Pen
    created by RFTWCPFTL
    New page: Pen (RobloxFTW CreepypastasFTL) was the team leader of The Inky Pens, and a contestant who dominated the camp. He has never been up for elimination.

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